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Local green economy

Transition Leytonstone aims to support our local economy to be greener and stronger; and we believe that the two are increasingly linked as more and more people become aware of the effect their choices as consumers have on the environment and on wider society.


As consumers, how we choose to spend our money can have huge influence. Each purchase from a local independent shop or other business supports local jobs and keeps money circulating in the community (rather than disappearing into corporate and shareholder bank accounts). By choosing to buy, make, grow or sell organic, re-usable, upcycled or Fairtrade products we can all contribute to a fairer, healthier world.

Leytonstone Green Directory

With that in mind, we have launched an online Green Directory for Leytonstone, to make it easier to find local businesses and groups that offer these ‘greener’ options. 


The database is fully searchable, and entries are also grouped into broad categories - e.g. ‘Food and drink’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Repair and re-use’ (which includes charity shops).


Businesses listed are either based in Leytonstone, or in the wider local area and offering services in or delivery to Leytonstone (for example OrganicLea’s veg bag delivery scheme).


As well as shops and food outlets, we would also like to support businesses offering services like energy saving advice; cycle repair or rental; nature-centred education, volunteering opportunities and wellbeing; and specialist cleaning, building or gardening services using eco-aware products and materials. 


Suggestions for new entries should be sent to Ros and Sandra at

Partnering with local businesses

We are also keen to support local businesses that want to explore how to trade in a more environmentally sustainable way.


Partners we’ve worked with so far…


Adrienne and Okan, from Stone Mini Market asked for ideas of products they could offer, as they transformed their local grocery shop by introducing a refill service for dry goods and cleaning products, and swapping many of the big-name brands they used to sell for ethical (and vegan) alternatives.


Rachael, founder of OurPledge, helped Adrienne and Okan to crowdfund part of the up-front costs of converting their shop. The OurPledge model gives businesses the confidence that a market exists, by inviting customers and supporters to buy advance-purchase vouchers for ethical products, and therefore helps them to finance the transition to a new business model.


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