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Community Fridge

Diana and her dedicated team of volunteers are on a mission to eliminate food waste locally.

Changes due to Covid-19

The Community Fridge has now reopened to visitors. 

Social distancing needs to be observed while queueing, there'll be hand sanitiser which you'll be asked to use and volunteers will be supplied with masks and gloves. 

Bags will be pre-packed with a basic selection of fresh produce, still allowing you to choose (but not handle) chilled food, pastries and cupboard provisions, which will be handed to you by volunteers.

Help us keep the stall running - if you have any out of date or unwanted cupboard food to donate, or can help with food collections, bag packing or stall volunteering, we'd love to hear from you at



The fridge is a community asset where anyone can collect surplus, good quality food that would otherwise be binned.


Volunteers collect the food from local shops and cafes. Donations from individuals are also welcome, including surplus produce from allotments and gardens. ​



Currently every Friday and Saturday from 12-1, and alternate Sundays (see calendar), from 11-12.



Outside Leytonstone Methodist Church, 578 High Road Leytonstone

E11 3DA

(junction with Lister Road).

🗺📍Click or tap here to view on Google Maps

More info...

The Community Fridge project reduces food waste, providing users with good quality surplus food.  The food is donated by a range of local businesses of all sizes, as well as by individuals.  The range of foods is culturally wide, and includes baked goods, ambient, fresh produce, drinks and chilled food including meat, dairy and vegan.  There is no charge for the food, although donations are always welcome.

Unlike a food bank, the main aim here is to reduce food waste.  While food banks never offer ambient food that is past its Best Before date, the Fridge does.  Best Before is safe to eat (as distinct from 'Use by' labels on fresh food), although quality may be slightly impaired.  For more info see the Food Standards Agency guidelines.

The Fridge is part of the Hubbub Community Fridge Network.  It is the world’s largest Community Fridge Network with over 150 community fridges running around the UK, and plenty more setting up. We are all helping thousands of people connect with their communities whilst accessing nutritious food and reducing waste.

The project welcomes new volunteers, both driver/collectors and stall workers. Hours are shortish but intense! Please contact Diana at

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