About Transition Leytonstone

Transition Leytonstone was born in September 2009, after a screening of The Power of Community, an inspirational film about the extraordinary response of the people of Cuba to the oil embargo in the 1990s. ( www.powerofcommunity.org ) After the film we had a lively discussion of how we could start our own local initiatives to bring our community together and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. A group of us decided then and there to start Transition Leytonstone.

Since then we have been running events, mainly of two types:

  • Awareness-raising events, mostly film showings. These have been chosen to show how on the one hand our way of life is using up the earth’s resources too fast and cannot continue, and on the other hand how local initiatives can have amazing positive results in starting to create alternative ways of meeting our needs.
  • Practical events and workshops, where people can experience activities ranging from seed-sowing and apple pressing to rugmaking and curtain lining. These help to put us back in touch with the skills we will need in the future.

We are keen to work with existing local groups of all kinds, and have run events in partnership with Organiclea,  Forest Recycling Project, Hornbeam Environmental Centre, the HEET project and Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign. Aiming to be truly inclusive, we are making links with faith groups, youth groups, residents’ associations, schools, and other organisations.

In the spring of 2010 we were lucky to secure some funding from the London Borough of Waltham Forest, to run two outreach events in the Cann Hall area of South Leytonstone.  The organisations listed above were all invited to take part in these events, which gave people an opportunity to find out what is already going on in the area.

For information about our events see here

We aim to inspire people to start projects, run events, and develop new schemes. Over the past two years several groups and projects have emerged.  Our eco-poetry group, E11 Eco was the first working group to be launched at the Leytonstone Festival in July 2010. Since then a food-growing group and a recycled craft group have started, and we are shortly to launch a community local produce stall, in partnership with Organiclea.

Interest and enthusiasm is growing rapidly now. It took us 15 months to reach 100 on our emailing list, but only 4 months to reach 200. As of January 2019, we have nearly 550 members.

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