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Transition Leytonstone Library


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Run by Transition Leytonstone, the library contains well over 300 books on a range of topics relating to ecological sustainability including energy, ecology, economics and permaculture, and practical subjects such as gardening and waste reduction.

It includes classics such as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and EF Schumacher's Small is Beautiful, as well as recently published books like Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics and Rob Hopkins' From What Is to What If?.

The library also has an almost complete collection of Permaculture Magazine.

It is free to join the library and most books can be borrowed. Reference books can sometimes be taken out on short loan. Browsing is welcomed and tea or coffee is available!

"This is a wonderful resource, full of books that are difficult to get from normal libraries. The trouble is, I want to read everything! Hopefully in the future it can also become a hub for discussion groups and maybe a ‘green book club’.” (Sandra B)


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