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Stone Mini Market


Food & Drink

Green Credentials

Local grocery shop, offering refill station of cleaning products, dried foods, personal care products and fresh milk. They are also working to further reduce the amount of plastic packaging used on other goods sold.

Stocks a large number of craft beers, supporting independent small breweries including ones in East London.

They have a personal goal to be 'more kind to the Earth and other species', and as part of that they stock a growing range of vegan products, also in order to cater for people on a restricted diet due to health or religious reasons.

All packaging is recycled or re-used wherever possible, shop appliances are bought second hand, and employees are all local.

“I love what Okan and Adrienne are doing with the shop, showing how a local grocery shop can change to fit the needs of the planet without being elitist or expensive. They're such lovely people, and always open to suggestions about different products they could stock. The fresh milk dispenser is such a great idea, and they have big plans for more packaging-free groceries, which is really exciting." (Sandra B)


Telephone Number

07843 872359

Email Address


Stone Mini Market, High Road Leytonstone, London, UK

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