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St Andrew's Fairtrade Shop


Food & Drink

Green Credentials

The stall, run by Jonathan Bailey, sells a range of Fairtrade goods including teas, coffee, chocolate, honey and jams, pasta and sauces, as well as hand crafted items from around the world.

Most of the goods on sale are organic. Suppliers are working actively to reduce the use of plastic and much of the packaging is compostable. They're even working on the teabags! In the meantime, there is loose tea available. Craft items are made using locally sourced materials that are often reclaimed or recycled, including industrial waste and offcuts.

Jonathan often does local deliveries by bike, and since the stall is run from his home there are no overheads such as energy use.

"I've been ordering loose tea from Jonathan for a while now, and am amazed at how quickly he orders and delivers it. The range of chocolate is great too!" (Ros)


Telephone Number

07984 426342

Email Address


St Andrew's Church, Colworth Road, E11 1JD

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