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Emporium aka No. 8


Repairs, Re-use & Second-hand

Green Credentials

Jeff is a Hatton Garden trained jeweller and makes jewellery to commission. He also sells jewellery online through He upcycles materials, for example creating earrings from old watch faces. He repairs jewellery, and can remodel old and cherished items to create something in a more modern style.

Jeff sells vintage, antique and upcycled items including toys, children's clothing, small furniture and items created from old books and adverts. He stocks a range of manual kitchen appliances.

This small shop has space for artists and craftspeople to display their goods, which Jeff sells for a commission. Many of these items are also upcycled, and include cards, textiles, prints and photographs. Upcycled items include roller blinds made from roller shutters on routemaster buses, He sells local history booklets for a commission.

Jeff encourages customers to bring their own bags, supplying reused bags if they are unable to.

The shop hosts the local Safer Neighbourhoods team, which holds regular surgeries there. They also host community group meetings, and are a hub for information exchange, with notices about local events in the window.

"Emporium has a great range of things from cards and small gifts to really interesting and quirky items. Jeff also provides a hub for all sorts of community activities and contacts about Forest Gate life. Brilliant." (Peter)


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8 Sebert Road, London E7 0NQ, UK

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