Past Events

22nd September

9th September

8th July

3rd July

3rd June

19th May

23rd April

10th April

24th March

25th Feb

21st Jan

Barn Dance

Community Garden Launch

Let’s Grow Local!

The Big Drip

Foraging Walk


Stall celebration shared meal

Discussion with Nick Harriss

seed swap at the stall


Draught busting workshop

26th November

19th Nov

10th Oct

8th Oct

24th Sept

2nd Sept

25th August

15th July

16th July

5th June

26th May

23rd May

Curtain lining workshop

Card making workshop

Local Economy event

Apple Day

Lark in the Pastures

Your Money and Your Life

Second quiz

First Green Drinks

Launch of stall

Big Lunch picnic

Fundraising quiz

Drew up and signed constitution