Workshops: Apple Juicing jamboree; Growing Food in Small Spaces, Future Workshop Suggestions

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Apple Juicing Success!

A great time was had by all this Saturday at the Community Garden, with around 120 kilos of apples and pears going into our large, newly-built manual press – and coming out as the most glorious-tasting juice.

apples0514Children and adults alike tried their hand at grating and pressing the fruit: operating the press certainly beats a visit to the gym any day. Many went home to collect empty bottles to take away the freshly-pressed stuff, which started fermenting into an early species of cider within hours!

We also celebrated the 5th anniversary of Transition Leytonstone, enjoying home-made Dorset apple cake (from locally scrumped Bramleys) and some marvellous houmous created from locally-grown fava beans rather than imported chickpeas (thank you, Phil Mason for a tasty and low-mileage treat). If you missed the event and still want to get  some of the flavour, if not the atmosphere, click on the names to find the recipes.



Food Growing in Small Spaces

Use your ingenuity, imagination and practical skills to grow food plants in the smallest of spaces. Even the gardenless can grow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Looking at container growing, thinking about your space, challenges and solutions and crop choice for autumn and beyond.GE DIGITAL CAMERA This Groundwork workshop will be hosted by our Community Garden team.

Groundwork London is running the Growing Links ‘Make Grow Do’ programme to establish an active community gardening scene local to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which supports growers, creates a network for sharing information, encourages people to ‘have a go’ and gives opportunities for people to get their hands dirty both on and off the park.
There will be online support through Project Dirt and offline support through the various taster sessions, skills workshops and a big Harvest Festival in autumn 2015 for local growers to share their wares.

Date: Saturday September 27th

Venue: Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, Leytonstone E11 4QX

Time: 1pm-3pm

For further information contact Shannon: or 07450474538


Luna Lounge Kitchen: New Indoor Workshop Opportunity

2745cupcakesThe Luna Lounge (a bar/venue on Church Lane) has just kitted its kitchen out with a mind to hiring it to local groups, and the landlord Sujay recently mentioned in passing that he could let us use it free to “test it out”.It would be great to present him with a workshop idea and date to make the most of the offer, while it’s still open.

We need ideas on subjects, and possible times and dates. Scrumping / foraging followed by jam / syrup / squash / soup making has all been suggested but we need you to help lead the session.The sooner the better, but it would be wise to leave us at least a full week to promote it.

Please send in your ideas asap to Diana at and let us know if you’d like to help run a workshop soon.

It’s all about gardens…apples…permaculture

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Apple Celebration on Saturday September 20th at the Community Garden

AppleDay2014Learn how to press the juice out of kilos of apples with a large manual press, specially built for the Community Garden by local people. Use our stockpile of apples and/or bring your own. Locally picked/scrumped apples welcome. Try to avoid supermarket fruit! There will be plenty of  freshly pressed juice to take away, but you will need to bring along your own bottles for this.

We will also be feasting on locally baked apples, cakes, pies, cookies, turnovers, flapjacks…anything you care to make at home and bring along. As the 5th anniversary of Transition Leytonstone draws nigh, we will be supplying plenty of cream to pour over these confections. And you won’t be restricted to sweet things either. Rumour hath it that there will even be a curried apple soup!

The celebrations will be taking place between 12 and 4pm at Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, Leytonstone, E11 4QX. See you there!

Don’t forget: if you need any help picking your apples or pears, or know someone who regularly lets their crop go to waste, don’t hesitate to contact either Shannon (Community Garden Coordinator) or Diana (Scrumping Coordinator)

Shannon: 07450 474 538 or email

Diana: 07747 014 235 or email



Gardenshare Opportunity

For those of you who are on the allotment waiting list, a great opportunity has come up for a gardenshare. The E10 garden is a substantial size, approximately 24m long by 7m wide, quite overgrown, and currently partly under cultivation by the owners. It gets plenty of sun during the day; also boasting 2 beehives which are owned and maintained by members of the London Beekeepers Association. 19 Epsom Road_E106ESGardenshare is a little bit like matchmaking; it is important to ensure that both gardeners and garden owners are compatible. Here’s a bit of information on how it works. That said, we are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

To learn more about the site, or apply for a gardenshare, please contact Diana on 07747 014 235 or email




October weekend course: Permaculture for Transition

Have you ever wondered what Permaculture has to do with Transition? Permaculture is a creative, ethical approach for designing any process so that it flows with rather than against nature. Although traditionally applied to land- based projects, we can design our actions to encompass the ethics and principles of permaculture.This weekend course should help to define that relationship and how to use permaculture in your transition work.

Permaculture for Transition flyer 2Over the weekend of October 4th/5th, Ros Bedlow (Transition Leytonstone) and Samantha Woods (Transition Leicester) will be co-facilitating Permaculture for Transition, especially developed for Transitioners by a team of Transition and Permaculture trainers from around the UK. The course will take place in a private house in Streatham Hill which is being specially converted into a Permaculture Demonstration Site. To read more about the course, please follow this link . The booking form can be found here.


 Green Drinks Tonight!

It’s the 15th of September, and time for the friendly monthly gathering of green-minded people at Leytonstone’s Walnut Tree Pub, 857-861 High Road, London E11 1HH. We’ll be there from 8pm- so look out for the table with the green tablecloth!











Apples Galore 4pm Tomorrow

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Apple Pick Tomorrow Afternoon

apples0514If you’re keen to pick apples and are free tomorrow afternoon from 4pm, why not pop along to the Community Garden. Special equipment is not mandatory, but if you do own a fruit picking pole, do bring it along. We’ll be meeting there before moving off to Redbridge Lane Allotments where the trees are groaning with fruit. The apples will be stored for juicing at the Community Garden with our newly built large manual press in the run-up to our Big Juicing Event on Saturday September 20th. 

If you can’t make tomorrow, but would like to get involved in scrumping, please get in touch with Diana on 07747 014 235. Equally, if you know of any  apple or pear trees that need picking now or in the very near future, let Diana know.


Scrumping Meet-Up

4pm Wednesday 3rd September, Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, Leytonstone E11 4QX (just past the children’s playground)


Any questions re the meet-up, please contact Shannon on 07450474538


How to Make Jam

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A Jam Making Workshop for the Perplexed

Jam making

Jam making


Worried about sterilising jars? Temperatures? Are your jams as runny as a river or sloppy as a slush puppie? Have you given up after a couple of failures?

The mystery behind making the perfect jam will be revealed at this workshop.

It will be held on Saturday August 30th from 12 noon until 2pm at Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, E11 4QX. The Garden is next to the children’s playground and the footbridge over the Central Line,

For further information contact Shannon on 07450474538 or email

Early Apple Harvest: Pickers Needed!

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Apples, Pears and More – Can You Help?

Chiara, Jon and Diana proudly display the results of a wet Sunday afternoon's labour.

Chiara, Jon and Diana proudly display the results of a wet Sunday afternoon’s labour.


The 2014 apple harvest is well on the way, and our friends at OrganicLea have been sending us notifications of various Leytonstone gardens groaning with excess fruit. These early apples won’t keep well, and we will need to pick them as soon as possible before any more spoil on the ground. Some of the scrumped apples will go to our Community Garden for visitors to sample, others may go to our Saturday stall, and still others will go to the Hornbeam cafe to be made into delicious desserts!


If you’re keen to get out there for a picking session, please contact Diana on 07747 014235


Cider Consumption? Apple Press Construction!

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Green Drinks SignOn Holiday in Leytonstone? At Home in Leyton?

It’s August, a traditional time for people to get away on holiday, but here in E11 there are many who are staying put – and several who are visiting. Green Drinks is for you all – a time to get together with other local environmentally-minded people and to swap tales, discuss projects and exchange contact details. For those of you new to Transition Leytonstone, we have an informal get-together on the 15th of every month at The Walnut Tree, 857-861 High Road Leytonstone, London E11 1HH.

Please come along on August 15th from 8pm onwards and join the happy crew at the table with the green tablecloth.

For further information contact Diana on 07747 014 235 or email





 Handy at DIY? Or just keen to learn?

cider press 1We’ll be building a custom-made apple press on Saturday 16th August in Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, E11 4QX so that this year we’ll be able to cope with all those bushels of scrumped apples that eager pickers will soon be sending our way. Whether you’re a skilled maker or a novice, we will have a job for you on the day. Do come and join us from 10am!

And don’t forget to put another date in your diary: on 20th September, we’ll be holding a pressing day at the Garden so you can try your hand at making your very own juice or start a batch of cider.

For further information contact Shannon on 07450474538 or email

Solar Dryer Making Workshop This Saturday

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Solar Dryer

Solar dryer


The newest and most energy-hungry methods of food preservation are well known to all: refrigeration and freezing – and of course, canning. Your grandmother (and if you’re very lucky, your mother) may also have made regular use of pickling and potting and making preserves. Sadly nowadays time-poor people have little opportunity to cook for their families, let alone make use of harvest time to lay in stores of food for winter. It’s time to regain some control over what we eat, and to re-examine the meaning of Aesop’s fable The Grasshopper and the Ant.


Dried produce

One simple but little-touted food preservation method has been used for centuries in sun-drenched parts of the world: it’s called solar drying, and the results are delicious, with highly concentrated flavours: think of sun-dried tomatoes or apricots. And with the amount of sun we’ve been enjoying over recent weeks here in Leytonstone, it seems a good idea to make constructive use of it.

We’re running a workshop on building your own solar dryer on Saturday August 2nd at Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, London E11 4QX, from 12pm to 2pm. Please come along, all welcome.

For further information contact Shannon Thaden on 07450474538 or email


Leytonstone Festival News

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We’ll be participating in this year’s Leytonstone Festival with three diverse events which will hopefully appeal to all tastes. The Leytonstone Festival Programme, containing all of the festival events between July 10-July 20, will be available from our Saturday Produce Stall from July 5th. While we’re waiting for its appearance, we might as well make a shameless plug for ourselves! We’re kicking off with a free film, followed by an ecopoetry and music evening, and finishing in true Transition style with a permaculture taster at our community garden.


Chasing Ice: a Free Screening and Discussion

Chasing Ice PosterDate: Friday July 11th

Venue: Wanstead Quaker Meeting House, Bush Road, E11 3AU

Time: Film starts 7pm; doors open for refreshments 6.30pm

Free – advance booking recommended on Eventbrite

A chillingly beautiful depiction of the harsh yet fragile world of Arctic icescapes in the throes of rapid climate change, as seen through the enquiring eye of photographer/film maker James Balog. Mr. Balog makes the journey from climate change sceptic to climate aware, not through the persuasions of any scientific argument, but via his own observations on site in the Arctic. This man could have been you or me: it is the film’s emphasis on the totally personal aspect of Balog’s discovery, together with his subsequent change of viewpoint which sets this award-winning documentary apart.

The 76-minute film will be followed by a discussion.

For further information email



E11 Eco present Verse & Vocals

Deep Green Delights_1An inspiring evening of song, storytelling and soulful poetry. E11 Eco perform an array of ecopoems by the known and the unknown, including some of their own work. Some of the material is funny, some sad, always entertaining and above all thought-provoking. Transition Leytonstone was, as far as we are aware, the first Transition Town to form an ecopoetry performance group.

With guest performer Pilar Lopez , an amazing voice with a powerful social message. Pilar is also known by many as the sturdy backbone of Hornbeam Bakers Collective.

Pilar LopezDate: Thursday July 17th

Venue: Cafe de Montmartre, 34 Church Lane, E11 1HG

Time: 7.30pm

Free (donations)

For further information email





Permaculture Taster


PermaculturePrinciplesimg1Date: Saturday July 19th

Venue: Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, E11 4QX (next to children’s playground and footbridge over Central line)

Time: 11am-1pm

Free (donations)

Permaculture, a word derived from Permanent and Agriculture, is about using natural processes to achieve desired results from your growing space, whether it’s a smallholding, garden, or container. We’ll look at the 3 Ethics of Permaculture: Earthcare, Peoplecare and Fairshares, and how using some common sense principles we can garden for beauty, food and wildlife in the same space.

The workshop will be co-hosted by Ros Bedlow and Phil Mason. Ros and Phil both hold Permaculture Design Certificates, applying permaculture principles to the design of our Community Garden. Ros has also been one of the developers of a new 2-day Introduction to Permaculture course  designed specifically for those involved in Transition Initiatives. The course will be piloted locally later this year.

For further information email

Carpentry, Cherries and Cold Drinks

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how-to-build-window-treatments-6Windowbox Workshop

If you’ve got a lonely looking windowsill, or a patch of ground that could do with a bit of dressing up, don’t head off to the garden centre to waste your money on a readymade windowbox or planter to fill the empty space. Why make use of someone else’s mass-produced idea when you could make your very own bespoke container?

Come along to the Church Lane Community Garden where we’ll be building window boxes and planters out of second hand wood. Brush up on your carpentry skills using both hand tools and power tools.

Date: Saturday June 14th

Time: 12pm-2pm


Foraging Walk: Wild Cherries


Cherry season is upon us. Meet at 11am in front of Oneil’s pub (762 High Road Leytonstone) and we’ll go for a wild cherry hunt. Dress appropriately for a march through the hedgerows.

Date: Sunday June 15th

Time: 11am-12.30pm


Green Drinks

Green Drinks Sign

After all that cherrypicking you may have little desire for a cherry brandy, a cherry lager or a cherry cola. Never fear, there are plenty of choice drinks to choose from at The Walnut Tree, High Road, Leytonstone. Come along to our monthly Green Drinks and meet some lovely people. Conversations range from the earnestly environmental to the helplessly silly. Look for the sign of the 3 green tankards or ask at the bar. You WILL find us!

Date: Sunday June 15th

Time: 8pm – 10.30pm(ish)



Invitation to our Big Lunch Tomorrow – starting 12 noon

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THE BIG LUNCH @ Church Lane Community Garden, Sunday June 1st

Jamming in the late afternoon at 2013 Big Lunch

Jamming in the late afternoon at 2013 Big Lunch

Tomorrow we’ll be joining communities up and down the country to celebrate local togetherness. We’ll be holding a feast in the Community Garden from 12pm – so please pop over with your family, friends and children and babies. In the spirit of the occasion, and to make sure that there’s food for all , please bring along something you’ve made – or if you really haven’t much time, something you’ve bought. There will be 3 BBQs going, one veggie, one meat and one mixed, so.  Some soft drinks will be provided. As usual, we want to make this a Zero Waste event, which means avoid disposable paper plates and cups – please bring your own cutlery and crockery!

There will be activities for children and stalls to browse, including a plant quiz stall and Diana’s eco-bookstall – now selling the brand new edition of the unmissable Transition Free Press.

We’re also running a raffle with food-related prizes: a brand new bbq, a basket brimming over with Community Garden goodies and other locally grown veg, a food voucher from our friends at Montmartre Cafe,and a wonderful vegan cake from the Hornbeam chefs Norman Loves Soup!

And finally, we invite you to join us for our outdoor Annual General Meeting, to hear about what we’ve been up to over the past year, and more importantly, to offer ideas to or melting pot for activities, workshops and events for the coming 12 months. It’s fun to get involved and you’ll make new friends!


The timetable for the Big Lunch is as follows:

12-2pm : Lunch/Picnic

2-4pm : Stalls/Activities/Raffle

4-5pm : our AGM