New: Church Lane Street Market

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We are excited to be participating in the 4-week trial of a new street market in the centre of Leytonstone on the site of Church Lane Car Park.  Starting on April 21st, the car park will be transformed on 4 consecutive Saturdays into a trading area for all manner of food, drink, and creative craftspeople’s wares – and let’s not forget the music provided by a traditional old-fashioned organ grinder and steel pans. It is a truly local affair, reflecting and celebrating the hugely diverse nature of our population. Come and look for our gazebo:BB_20.1.18_lo-res_IMG_3857 the Best Before Stall will be migrating temporarily from its usual site between Matalan and St.John’s Church, we’ll be selling plants from our Community Garden, home-made marmalades and jams, telling you about Transition Leytonstone’s activities and projects – and recruiting new volunteers to make these even better than they already are. Keen prospective volunteers can sign up to our Volunteers’ Feast Bayeux-feast01_lo-res copytaking place on April 27th. Ideas are nothing without people to turn them into reality!

Bikes, Cars, Many Hands and a Lawnmower

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BIKESvsCARS_01_webBikes vs Cars – Free Film & Discussion

7pm, Thursday February 18th @ The Wanstead Tap, 352 Winchelsea Road, London E7 0AQ

Bikes vs Cars is the new documentary from director Fredrik Gertten. The film explores traffic infrastructure in Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Toronto and Copenhagen, looking for a workable solution to the problems caused by the seemingly endless growth in the number of cars on the road. At its best, the car is a convenient, speedy, independent, weather-protected mode of travel, but it’s also a fossil-fuel-fed, lumbering spewer of noxious fumes, posing a serious danger to cyclists and pedestrians everywhere.

To introduce the post-film discussion, we’ve invited well-known and extremely knowledgeable cycling campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy. The discussion will be chaired by Greer Nicholson of Transition Leytonstone.

Light refreshments and drinks (alcoholic or non) will be available. The event is free, but donations towards our costs are more than welcome.

NOTE: This event has been extremely popular. Invitations were sent out to Transition Leytonstone on January 20th, but it has now sold out. If you want to go on the waiting list, please click here.  If you have booked, do arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time and remember to print and bring your ticket. If you cannot attend, please notify us via EVENTBRITE  and your ticket will go to the person at the top of the waiting list.  We will definitely be screening it again in the very near future for those who have missed out.


Community Garden News 

Seed Swap

Spring is just round the corner, and it’s time for growers to celebrate the imminent growing season with the first Seed Swap of the year, taking place on Saturday 6th February at the Community Garden from 11am until 2-ish. The garden already has plenty of interesting seeds on hand to trade. Come exchange your surplus seeds with other passionate gardeners. If you don’t have any seeds to swap, come along anyway and pick up some free seeds and free expert advice so you can get started on growing your own food this year.

Push Mower for sale: £20IMG_0509

A fundraiser for the Garden, used just a couple of times. Here’s your chance to keep fit and avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. To view the mower, just turn up at the Garden between 11am-4pm on Wednesdays, or 10am-4pm on Saturdays. IMG_0514

Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, E11 4QX The garden is just past the little children’s playground, past tube station car park on the town centre side.




Many Hands Project

Do you have a job that needs doing in your home or garden, but you just don’t get around to it? Do you need extra hands? Or just some company and encouragement?

Would you like to lend a hand (or two) while enjoying good company?

The Many Hands Project is a growing community of local people who get together to help each other out and have a good time. Whether you have a practical skill to share, or just want to run an idea past someone else, the Many Hands group is a great place to both give and get inspiration!

How it works

As a Many Hands community member, you’ll be able to post requests within a Google group for help with tasks. Community members can then respond to these posts, offering time, skills or equipment. It’s that simple!

The only thing we ask is that tasks do not harm the environment in any way. Many Hands has been born out of Transition Leytonstone, so we respectfully ask that all tasks have a neutral or positive impact on the environment. If helping-handsyou’re not sure if your task is going to harm the environment, please get in touch with the group administrators for guidance (see below).

An example of how Many Hands can work: Shannon’s trellis

Shannon had wanted to put up a trellis in his back garden for ages, but hadn’t got round to it.

Six of us went round to Shannon’s place, moved some bits of wood around and screwed them together in precisely the right places. After an hour and a half we surveyed the completed trellis and had a very nice lunch. (Phil)

How to join

To join Many Hands, or for more information, please email Tony or Ros at If you join you will be added to the Google group and we’ll let you know how to post requests.

Harvest Supper in 2 days!

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Celebrating 6 years of Transition Leytonstone

Peasant Wedding by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1567)

Peasant Wedding by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1567)

Believe it or not, 6 years have gone by since the inception of Transition Leytonstone on September 28th, 2009! To celebrate both our birthday and the success of the Market Stall we’ve been running in partnership with OrganicLea, we’re holding a Harvest Supper on Saturday 24th October at St. John’s Church Hall. All ages welcome, including children. Book your place here on Eventbrite.

Attendees are invited to bring their favourite vegetarian dishes to share, prepared using locally grown or sourced vegetables in season. People always love to discover new recipes, so could you please print yours out on small slips of paper to share with others? If you want to celebrate with something alcoholic, feel free to bring along a bottle or two. In keeping with this appley time of year, we will be providing some delicious local cider to try. Not to mention –  a birthday cake!

On this occasion, we won’t be asking you to provide your own plates and cutlery – we’ve got the use of the church’s tableware. But do bring along an empty container and/or a doggy bag to take home any leftover food. We don’t want to let anything go to waste!

And for those who have only recently joined us, or whose memory needs a jog or two, we’ve put together a small exhibition charting the history of the Community Garden, Market Stall

Recent visitors to the Community Garden

Recent visitors to the Community Garden

and other Transition Leytonstone projects over the past 6 years. If this sparks off any ideas for future projects, we certainly want to hear about them. We especially welcome ideas from attendees about future projects, to make greater use of the Community Garden. So don’t be backward about coming forward!

People are encouraged to arrive by foot, bicycle or public transport.

Lick your lips – here comes…The 2015 Big Lunch

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Big Lunch Transition Leytonstone  CLCG 2015The 2015 Big Lunch will be happening at our lovely Church Lane Community Garden on Sunday June 7th. It’s a communal, yearly event which has been taking place on the first Sunday of June since 2009. It’s based on a simple formula: sharing food and drink with other people from your local community, getting to know folk that you wouldn’t normally meet, enjoying their company. The Big Lunch has fast become a UK-wide modern tradition, so join us this year and bring along family, friends, and one of your favourite dishes to the feast.There will be 2 BBQs going, one veggie, one meat. Tea, coffee and some soft drinks will be provided. As usual, we want to make this a Zero Waste event, which means avoiding disposable paper plates and cups – so please help us by bringing your own crockery.

Tickets are now available for the Big Lunch raffle from our Saturday Produce Stall next to Matalan, as well as on the day. Raffle prizes: as usual, all with a growing/eating theme, featuring meal vouchers from The Star of India and All You Read is Love, a local/organic veg basket brimming over with Community Garden and OrganicLea goodies, store vouchers, a Zaytoun hamper and more.

Don’t forget to bring your children: we’ve devised a  fun nature quiz for them. And if you play an instrument, why not bring it along so that we can have an impromptu jam after lunch?

Jamming in the late afternoon at 2013 Big Lunch

Jamming in the late afternoon at 2013 Big Lunch

If you want to acquire a plant or two, our plant stall will be open, alongside our Transition information stall, showcasing other sustainability groups in the community as well as own.

And finally, we invite you to join us for our outdoor Annual General Meeting, to hear about what we’ve been up to over the past year, and to offer your own ideas for activities, workshops and events for the coming 12 months. It’s fun to get involved and you’ll make new friends!

Church Lane Community Garden is on Harold Road, near Leytonstone tube, next to the children’s playground and the bridge over the Central Line. You WILL find it!



The timetable for the Big Lunch is as follows:

12-2pm : Lunch/Picnic

2-4pm : Stalls/Activities/Raffle

4-5pm : our AGM


The Best Before Project

Have any of you recently walked past the former police station in Kirkdale Road? Having undergone a total renaissance in purpose, it is now home to a collaborative effort by Best Before Project and Forest Recycling Project (FRP), helping Leytonstone people to fight food waste. On the ground floor, where duty policemen used to deal with anything from ASBOs to armed attacks, there are shelves and tables groaning with all manner of dry goods past their ‘Best Before’ date. There’s a constantly changing panorama of goods donated by local businesses, as more and more of them hear about the project. From Polish pickles to catering size jars of Thai Red Curry sauce, the world is our oyster!

For those concerned about the legality of the project, a distinction needs to be drawn between ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’. While it is perfectly legal to sell food products after the ‘Best Before’ date, it is prohibited to sell food after the ‘Use By’ date. Despite this distinction which relates in the first instance to food quality, and in the second to Health & Safety, all stores prefer to replace unsold ‘Best Before’ items with newer stock. This is where the Best Before Project comes in: not a shop and not quite a food bank. Food bank users will however find it useful and affordable, as there is no pricing whatsoever – the customer alone decides what to donate.

So please, pop along to The Best Before Project to have a look – I can guarantee that you won’t be leaving empty-handed.  At the moment it is open 3 days a week, but if more volunteer helpers come forward, this could double. So do consider sparing an hour or two – you can kill two birds with one stone and pick up some of your shopping at the same time! See their Facebook Page.

Best Before Project,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Waltham House,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kirkdale Road, E11 1HP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Open: 12-7pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Cultivate Waltham Forest

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The Cultivate Festival – March 20-29 2015

Cultivate posterA showcase for all of the food growing initiatives that are already on offer in the borough. The borough already has an established movement of food growers with many organisations, community groups and individuals growing for themselves and for sale with a strong sustainable ethos. The event demonstrates the broad range of approaches to urban food growing and  offers something for all people working in the food sector, community projects, local businesses and residents with an interest  in growing. A full and varied programme of food tastings, cooking sessions, presentations, workshops and activities will be hosted throughout the festival by the many community groups and local businesses engaged in the food growing cycle. The line-up will provide opportunities for everyone – from novice gardener to experienced allotment holder – to explore, learn and share their knowledge. After the success of the very first Cultivate Festival in March 2014, we are proud to announce that Transition Leytonstone will be participating strongly in this year’s events, as follows:


Fork the Equinox – Our Big Dig Event – Saturday March 21st

Church Lane Community Garden is hosting its own Big Dig event, Fork the Equinox. The Forest edge bed is loaded with couch grass and needs careful weeding. There is sifting, mulching and planting a-plenty to be done, with soup, bread and cake for those who turn up. We need 10+ volunteers to help us with digging. Please bring your own forks/spades/trowels if possible. If you’d like to contribute by bringing cake instead, your effort would be greatly appreciated. Turn up for the day or just an hour or so.BigDigLogo_WebLarge

Venue: Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, Leytonstone E11 4QX (just past the footbridge over the Central Line)

Time: 10am–4pm

A Free Event


Sprouting @ The Wild Goose – Tuesday March 24th

Whether you want to describe sprouts as packed with nutrients and useful enzymes or imbibing the essence of life, eating seed sprouts is certainly a good step towards a healthy diet. It is also inexpensive and leaves a tiny carbon footprint. If you know about sprouting come along and share your experience and if you know nothing come along and find out. Phil & Mihkel will have sprouts to share, some recipes and lots of information.

Venue: The Wild Goose Bakery, 654 High Road Leytonstone, E11 3AA

Time: 7.30pm-9pm

A Free Event


Raw Food @ The Wild Goose with Stephanie – Thursday March 26th


Did you know that we can lose most of the vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables through cooking?  When we eat ‘Live’ food (raw or just warmed) we get more of the vitamins, the enzymes and what raw foodists call ‘life force’, with benefits to our mental and physical health. Many people have found that just making a shift to a diet containing 50% live food has helped them to balance weight, improve mental clarity, lift mood and boost energy. Stephanie will show you some delicious recipes which will save money on food and fuel, and time in the kitchen!

Venue:  The Wild Goose Bakery, 654 High Road Leytonstone, E11 3AA

Time: 7.30pm-9pm

A Free Event


You can pick up your free Cultivate 2015 programmes tonight at the Walnut Tree Green Drinks from 8pm onwards. Also available from the Community Garden, the Saturday Produce Stall, The Wild Goose Bakery, or download it here CultivateBrochure.2015.


Events and Actions in E11 and E17

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Help a local school win free solar panels! Just 2 days left to vote…


Great news - Stoneydown FOE

Stoneydown Park Primary School in Walthamstow is one of just six finalists in Friends of the Earth’s ‘Run on Sun’ national competition to win a set of free solar panels worth £15,000. Voting ends February 10th, and currently Stoneydown is in the lead, but only just. In 2nd place (by a cat’s whisker) is Dulwich Wood Primary School in Southwark. Can you and your friends vote today to help Stoneydown Park win this amazing prize? Go here to vote and thank you.


Green Drinks @ The Walnut Tree on February 15th


Green Drinks SignComing up on Sunday February 15th at 8pm. We meet at The Walnut Tree Pub, 857-861 Leytonstone High Road, E11 1HH  for a relaxed and informal green social on the 15th of every month. Newcomers are always welcome. It’s easy to find us, look out for the table with the recycled Friends of the Earth green tablecloth!


Seed Swap @ The Community Garden on February 28th

Church Lane Community Garden will be hosting the first seed swap of 2015 for the eager growers of Leytonstone. The garden already has plenty of interesting seeds on hand to trade. If you don’t have any seeds to swap, come along anyway and pick up some free seeds and free expert advice so you can get started on growing your own food this year. See our Events calendar for more details,


Climate Film: London Premiere @ Wanstead Library on March 6th


Wanstead & Woodford Friends of the Earth partner with Transition Redbridge on March 6th to host the free Climate Week London ‘premiere’ of 2014 Swiss climate documentary Thule Tuvalu. The film tells the story of 2 remote communities, one in the Arctic circle, the other an island nation in the south Pacific, through the voices of local inhabitants. These people are already suffering the impacts of glacier melt and sea level rise. While the rest of us go about our daily lives without paying too much attention to glacier melt or sea level rise, the inhabitants of these places are already – and palpably – suffering the impacts of global climate change. From 6pm, vegan and veggie refreshments and an Introduction to Transition Redbridge. Guest speaker is Duncan Law, from Transition Town Brixton. The film starts at 7pm, followed by a moderated discussion focusing on the active development of Transition Redbridge. Contributions from Transition Leytonstoners would be greatly valued!

Venue: Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road, E11 2RQ

Date and time: Friday March 6th, 6pm (Film starts at 7pm)

You can book tickets here.

Education, education, education

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Vertical Veg Workshop

TheFinal_WinterV3 next event in our Community Garden will be a suitably seasonal affair, with free soup, artisan bread, cake, and a warming fire to boot. All are invited. Oh yes, and the education side of it? We will be partnering with Groundwork to run a Vertical Veg workshop. This is about building growing spaces from recycled guttering, a very clever way of maximising wall space and growing more. See you there!

Date: Saturday December 6th

Venue: Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, E11 4QX (next to the children’s playground and the footbridge over the tracks)

Time: 12pm-3pm


For further information contact Shannon on 07450474538 or email


Transition Information Stall

If you would like to know more about the Transition movement in general and Transition Leytonstone in particular, come along to see us at Portfolio Space, a pop-up hub next to the Star of India restaurant. There will be information and fliers to take away about all of our current activities:  the Community Garden Workshops, the Saturday Produce Stall, the Big Energy Saving Network, GardenShare, Film Screenings and E11 Eco. You will be able to browse some of the Transition books series and purchase the quarterly newspaper Transition Free Press. Apart from information on what we do, energy saving plugs and waste-busting mugs, there will also be a few copies of Shelf Life, a colourful and individualistic photographic tome celebrating local businesspeople in E11, E4 and E18. Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 16.28.50

The photography is by Wanstead Green Drinks convenor Mike Edwards. Signed copies are available.To look inside visit his website here. Looking forward to meeting you and hope you’ll want to get more actively involved in building a greener, more connected and caring community.

Date: Saturday December 6th

Venue: Portfolio Space Pop-Up Shop, 877 High Road, Leytonstone E11 1HR (next to the Star of India)

Time: 9am-5pm


…and a Transition Baby!IMG_0360

Congratulations to Rezina Malik Moran (Transition Leytonstone’s treasurer) and her husband Donal, on the birth, November 1st, of their first-born, Edward Abdul Malik Moran. He’s an enchanting and very healthy little boy, weighing 7lb 11oz (3.486 kg) at birth – and goodness knows how much more now. He sleeps very deeply – but only during daylight hours. We wish them all well and hope that the proud parents are getting a bit of sleep at last!


Seasonal Selebrations…hic!

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Pre-Christmas Social – plus news from Japan’s Transition Movement

Earlier this year Ros spent two months in Japan, taking the opportunity to visit 4 Transition Towns, to see what they were up to, and to share with them what we are doing here in Leytonstone. They were very different from each other, ranging from the caldera of a volcano on Kyushu to a quirky neighbourhood of Tokyo reminiscent of Brighton. All were inspiring, and Ros met some wonderful people.

Hide Enomoto of TT Fujino, Japan

Hide Enomoto of TT Fujino, Japan

Finally, 6 months after her return, she is giving us a short illustrated talk about her experiences there and the thoughts and impressions she took away with her. Following that we’ll be sharing food, welcoming new people to Transition Leytonstone, catching up with people we haven’t seen for a while…and generally having a good time!

Date: Sunday December 14th

Venue: RSVP to or phone 0208 556 0885 and Ros will give you the address. It’s important to know numbers, especially for the talk, as space is limited for looking at slides.

5pm: Informal, illustrated talk about Transition in Japan

7pm: Pot Luck Social. Please bring food and drink to share.



Green Drinks

If you’re green and eco-minded and would like to meet other people with similar interests, this social gathering could be right up your street.Green Drinks Sign Pop into the pub and look for the table with the green tablecloth and 3 Green Tankards sign and join the group for good company, green (or ordinary) conversations and a drink (alcoholic or not).

Date: Monday December 15th

Venue: The Walnut Tree Pub, 857-861 High Road Leytonstone, E11 1HH

Time: 8pm till late


Carol Singing by the Stall

No need to worry about your lack of pitch, just come along to the veg stall to join in 60 minutes of jolly carol singing with Christine on her recorder, and trombone accompaniment. Carol SingingIf you have a musical instrument to bring and play (and that could include a bunch of sleigh bells too), you might just be excused from singing! Mince pies and mulled cider from our Community Garden will be on hand to cheer you along and reward your efforts.

Date: Saturday December 20th

Venue: The Community Produce Stall (next to Matalan and St. John’s Church)

Time: 12pm-1pm

Mushroom Magic, Permaculture for Transition…and November Green Drinks

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Introduction to Wild Mushrooms

Did you know that there are more than 1500 species of mushrooms growing wild in London?

On November 15, 12-2pm, come to the Church Lane Community Garden for an introduction to the mysterious kingdom of the Fungi. In this interactive session, you’ll learn about how mushrooms fit into our ecosystem, how to tell them apart, and whether we should be including them on our dinner plate. There will be plenty of specimens on hand, and participants are invited to bring their own for study.

For people new to this list, the Community Garden is on Harold Road, E11 4QX. The entrance is next to the children’s playground and the footbridge over the Central Line.

Please RSVP with Shannon at or 07450474538.



Permaculture for Transition flyer 1Jan new-page1



Permaculture for Transition: January Weekend Course

Have you ever wondered what Permaculture has to do with Transition?

Permaculture is a creative, ethical approach for designing any process so that it flows with rather than against nature. Although traditionally applied to land- based projects, we can design our actions to encompass the ethics and principles of permaculture.The new Permaculture for Transition course will now take place on 24th – 25th January 2015, in Streatham Hill.  Explore how we can apply Permaculture principles to Transition projects and events, aiming to make them more resilient and effective.

Ros Bedlow (Transition Leytonstone) and Samantha Woods (Transition Leicester) will be co-facilitating Permaculture for Transition, especially developed for Transitioners by a team of Transition and Permaculture trainers from around the UK.

This course is for people involved in Transition, or thinking of setting up a Transition Town. It is suitable both for people new to Permaculture, or for those who have focused mainly on land-based projects.To read more about the course, please follow this link . The course has been approved by both the Permaculture Association, and Transition Network. To download the booking form click here

For further information please contact Ros Bedlow: or phone 020 8556 0885


And finally: don’t forget GREEN DRINKS on Saturday 15th November @ The Walnut Tree, 857-861 High Road,  E11 1HH

Green Drinks Sign

Look out for the green tablecloth and the jolly red faces!

Cool Ecopoetry, Warm Homes, Crunchy Apples and Green Drinks!

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Tonight make a date with Transition Leytonstone’s home-grown ecopoetry performance group, E11 Eco. It’s National Poetry Day, and we’re joining a clamouring crowd of fellow performers at The Hornbeam Cafe. Don’t come after 7pm unless you want to miss 7 of the greenest, feistiest ladies in East London! (Ignore the 6.30 AND the 7.30 start as confusingly billed twice on the Facebook event page – we’ve been asked to start at 7pm!)

Deep Green Delights_1National Poetry Day

Thursday 2nd October 7pm-11pm

The Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe Street, London E17 9AH

Featuring Forest poets, Raw Poets, E11 Eco Poets, Library Poets, Alain English, Anthony Fairweather, Dreadful Jasper and much much more.

There will be an open bar and food to share.


Buses:  20, 48, 69, 97, 230, 257, 357, W15 & W19. Nearest bus stops are opposite Hornbeam and just along Hoe Street.



Can we help Leytonstoners use less energy AND save money AND stay warm and  well this winter?

thermal-image-of-external-wall-insulation-typical-ECO-energy-efficiency-measureTransition Leytonstone, together with the HEET Project, has funding from DECC to help deliver the Big Energy Saving Network:

A lot of the work is focused on saving money on bills, which is great, but we could use the opportunity to give advice on energy saving, and maybe more –  it’s up to us.

  • Would you like free training in energy efficiency advice and helping people reduce their fuel bills?
  • Do you have ideas on how we can help each other make our homes more energy efficient?
  • Do you have DIY skills you’d like to share?
  • Do you have links to any groups in Leytonstone that you think might benefit from this kind of support?
  • Would you like to help with the project in any way?
  • Would you just like to find out more about the project?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, do please come along for a chat about the project on Sunday 5th October at 3 pm. No obligations – if you are just bringing ideas, that’s fine. Please contact Ros Bedlow:      Tel: 0208 556 0885 to find out the venue.

If you can’t make it on Sunday, please get in touch anyway!


APPLE DAY – Saturday October 11th

Apple-day-posterSaturday 11th October, 11 am – 4 pm
Vestry House Museum, 11 Vestry Rd, London E17 9NH
Donation £1 (children go free)
This annual event is a celebration of the healthy, humble, handy apple  –  and
all the other good things that Autumn brings. Transition Leytonstone will have a stall there.

Please email Diana at if you are up for putting in a short shift.

Highlights include:
– Apples for sale, as well for tasting, pressing and bobbing by Organiclea
– Food by Norman Loves
– Crafts for all by Significant Seams
– Tea and Cakes by Eat or Heat
– Snow White by Grow your own Theatre
– Plants and gardening advice by Vestry House Museum Gardeners
In addition there will be fruit trees and local produce for sale, live music,
poetry, dance, a childrens’ area and a raffle, as well as access to the Vestry
House Museum exhibition,  Raids, Rationing and Riots: Waltham Forest and the
Great War and the We Love Low Cost Living Campaign Ration Challenge!
Proceeds will go to Vestry House Museum Gardeners and Eat or Heat.


GREEN DRINKS @ The Walnut Tree on October 15th

We’ve been rightly accused of giving too little notice for Green Drinks, Green Drinks Signso now we’re bending over backwards to make sure you can fit this unmissable event into your busy diary! On Wednesday October 15th at 8pm, make a beeline to The Walnut Tree, 857-861 High Road Leytonstone, London E11 1HH and seek out the only table clad in deep green (actually a re-purposed Friends of the Earth tablecloth). There the latest edition of Transition Free Press will be available to purchase: a damned fine read at only £1. And if you’d rather save your reading for a quiet moment at home, there are always plenty of like-minded people with whom to discuss topical issues, green or otherwise.