Bikes, Cars, Many Hands and a Lawnmower

Posted on January 31, 2016 by ecoviewfinder

BIKESvsCARS_01_webBikes vs Cars – Free Film & Discussion

7pm, Thursday February 18th @ The Wanstead Tap, 352 Winchelsea Road, London E7 0AQ

Bikes vs Cars is the new documentary from director Fredrik Gertten. The film explores traffic infrastructure in Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Toronto and Copenhagen, looking for a workable solution to the problems caused by the seemingly endless growth in the number of cars on the road. At its best, the car is a convenient, speedy, independent, weather-protected mode of travel, but it’s also a fossil-fuel-fed, lumbering spewer of noxious fumes, posing a serious danger to cyclists and pedestrians everywhere.

To introduce the post-film discussion, we’ve invited well-known and extremely knowledgeable cycling campaigner Donnachadh McCarthy. The discussion will be chaired by Greer Nicholson of Transition Leytonstone.

Light refreshments and drinks (alcoholic or non) will be available. The event is free, but donations towards our costs are more than welcome.

NOTE: This event has been extremely popular. Invitations were sent out to Transition Leytonstone on January 20th, but it has now sold out. If you want to go on the waiting list, please click here.  If you have booked, do arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time and remember to print and bring your ticket. If you cannot attend, please notify us via EVENTBRITE  and your ticket will go to the person at the top of the waiting list.  We will definitely be screening it again in the very near future for those who have missed out.


Community Garden News 

Seed Swap

Spring is just round the corner, and it’s time for growers to celebrate the imminent growing season with the first Seed Swap of the year, taking place on Saturday 6th February at the Community Garden from 11am until 2-ish. The garden already has plenty of interesting seeds on hand to trade. Come exchange your surplus seeds with other passionate gardeners. If you don’t have any seeds to swap, come along anyway and pick up some free seeds and free expert advice so you can get started on growing your own food this year.

Push Mower for sale: £20IMG_0509

A fundraiser for the Garden, used just a couple of times. Here’s your chance to keep fit and avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. To view the mower, just turn up at the Garden between 11am-4pm on Wednesdays, or 10am-4pm on Saturdays. IMG_0514

Church Lane Community Garden, Harold Road, E11 4QX The garden is just past the little children’s playground, past tube station car park on the town centre side.




Many Hands Project

Do you have a job that needs doing in your home or garden, but you just don’t get around to it? Do you need extra hands? Or just some company and encouragement?

Would you like to lend a hand (or two) while enjoying good company?

The Many Hands Project is a growing community of local people who get together to help each other out and have a good time. Whether you have a practical skill to share, or just want to run an idea past someone else, the Many Hands group is a great place to both give and get inspiration!

How it works

As a Many Hands community member, you’ll be able to post requests within a Google group for help with tasks. Community members can then respond to these posts, offering time, skills or equipment. It’s that simple!

The only thing we ask is that tasks do not harm the environment in any way. Many Hands has been born out of Transition Leytonstone, so we respectfully ask that all tasks have a neutral or positive impact on the environment. If helping-handsyou’re not sure if your task is going to harm the environment, please get in touch with the group administrators for guidance (see below).

An example of how Many Hands can work: Shannon’s trellis

Shannon had wanted to put up a trellis in his back garden for ages, but hadn’t got round to it.

Six of us went round to Shannon’s place, moved some bits of wood around and screwed them together in precisely the right places. After an hour and a half we surveyed the completed trellis and had a very nice lunch. (Phil)

How to join

To join Many Hands, or for more information, please email Tony or Ros at If you join you will be added to the Google group and we’ll let you know how to post requests.